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Triple Juggernaut

Triple Juggernaut

  • £250

If you�don't have the patience,�dexterity, or even the time�for coil building then VapeTek is here to help!

We take the hassle out of coil building so you can enjoy exotic coil builds without metres of wasted�wire and hours of wated time.

VapeTek provides you with the latest coil creations, pre-wrapped so all you have to�do is place them inside your�device and�screw into place for a quick coil change.

Our coils have been hand�wrapped and�cleaned using an ultra sonic cleaner after wrapping to ensure a clean vape everytime.

Our coils have been well wrapped so modding them by enlarging the inner�diameter, adding, or taking away wraps is very easy to�do if you have a coil winder. �

Coil Breakdown:

  • Core:�26G (Ni80) x3
  • Wrap: Staggered 0.1 x 0.5 Flat (Ni80)
  • Inner Diameter:�3mm
  • Resistance per coil: 0.15?

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