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Triple 18650 Sets

  • £2100

Buying�sets of batteries to power your favourite mod shouldn't be complicated or expensive, so we have created these sets of three batteries to take the hard work of choosing out of it.

Also included in this deal, is a�zipped travel wallet to keep your batteries safe when you're out and about.

More information on the zipped travel case

For more information on our batteries, please click the picture of the brand that you are interested in.

More information on Aoso
More information on Shock-Li
Brand Capacity Individual Price �Price per�Set
Aoso 2100mAh �5 �13.50
Shock-Li 2500mAh �7.50 �21
Shock-Li 3000mAh �8 �22.50
Torchy 2500mAh �7.50 �21
Torchy 2600mAh VTC5 �9 �25.50
Torchy 2900mAh �9 �25.50
Torchy 3000mAh �8.50 �24
Torchy 3400mAh �8.50 �24

All prices stated are for a set�of three batteries of the same type and one travel case.

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