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Sticky Icky Mango

Sticky Icky Mango

  • £1350

Well, you have to love the name, don’t you? Happily, Sticky Icky Mango boasts a fabulous flavour to match the memorable moniker!

Combining Sticky Icky terpenes with tropical mango, this juice is distinguished by a fresh and vibrant feel. If you are not au fait with Sticky Icky OG Kush, it’s a sleep inducing cannabis strain with flavour notes of lemon and pine. We have worked hard to create the perfect blend of terpenes and Mango and we think that you will be pleased with the results.

This juice is relaxing and delicious and we should add that it’s only the terpenes that we have included. There’s no cannabis or THC in this flavour.

(Tropical Mango)

Flavoured with terpenes from the acutal plant. Kush is a range of flavours specially crafted to compliment the natural flavours that come from the worlds most sacred plant.

Bottle Size: 50ml Bottle

Strengths Available: Shortfill Bottle

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

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