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Queen Jellybean Original Blend

Queen Jellybean Original Blend

  • £300

Queen Jelly Bean is a fabulous all day vape with a burst of sweetness that will leave you, well, full of beans!

There must be something incredibly moreish about jelly beans because they have been around since 1861, not that we are bean counters. This must be why vapers can't get enough of this particular e liquid. Don't forget to celebrate Jellybean day with Queen Jellybean e liquid and yes there is such a thing!

(Jelly Beans, Sweet, Fruity)

Steeped for up to eight weeks, all the juice by TMB Notes boast deep, complex flavour profiles that will have you coming back for more. This Original Blend premium juice is perfect for starter kits and other mouth to lung devices.

Strengths Available:

  • 3mg Nicotine
  • 6mg Nicotine
  • 12mg Nicotine
  • 18mg Nicotine

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

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