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Pears Drizzled in Caramel

Pears Drizzled in Caramel

  • £1350

A skewer of fresh, ripe pears with a gluttonous drizzle of rich sticky caramel.

(Pear, Caramel) 

Skewered is range designed for dessert fans that are looking for something a bit different from the norm of cakes and baked treats. Instead you will find, juicy pieces of fruit Skewered with sticks served drenched in rich, sticky caramel.  

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 Shortfill Bottle Size Desired Strength Nicotine Shot Required Finished Amount
50ml 1.5mg 9mg Nico Shot 60ml
50ml 3mg 18mg Nico Shot 60ml



This product is a shortfill bottle which is used by customers to make their own shake and vape liquid.

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