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Shake and Vape Explained

Shake and Vape FAQ 

Why shake and vape?

Shake and vape products were developed and adopted by many companies in response to the TPD. The TPD, amongst other things, limits the size of bottle in which eliquid containing nicotine can be sold and also increases manufacturing costs.
By using shake and vape products the customer can still get their hands on large amounts of eliquid without breaking the bank or the law.

What are the advantages of shake and vape products

  • No need to carry more than one bottle around
  • Cheaper, per ml, than most 10ml bottles currently on the market
  • More choice for the customer
  • Better for the environment

How does it all work?

Customers are able to buy large bottles of flavoured nicotine free eliquid, which can then be mixed to the customers required strength. The customer can easily do this by adding the correct number of shots, sold separately, to the larger bottle.

What is a shortfill bottle?

Shortfill bottles contain nicotine free liquid that can be used in electronic cigarettes. The bottles are called shortfills as they normally come in a bottle that has free space so it can easily be topped up with nicotine shots. The flavouring inside them have been tweaked to account for nicotine shots being added by the customer so it tastes great after mixing.

What is a nicotine shot?

Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of flavourless eliquid that contain nicotine. The nicotine shots have been measured out for you, the only thing you need to do is pop off the top, pour the entire contents into your shortfill bottle, and repeat if you require more than one.

Is mixing my liquid complicated?

The short answer is no, it is extremely easy to use. There is no complicated mathematics or weighing involved and cannot be made any easier. Customers simply add the correct amount of nicotine shots to their shortfill bottles, shake, and they are good to go.

How many shots should I add?

Shortfills can vary by brand so on every shortfill product page there is a section that explains how many shots you need for the customers required strength.

Can I vape shortfill bottles without the shots?

Yes you can, it is completely safe to vape without adding any nicotine shots. All of our shortfill bottles have been specially formulated to taste the best when nicotine shots have been added and shaken so without adding shots first the liquid will taste strong.

Can I vape the nicotine shots alone?

The nicotine shots are perfectly safe to vape as normal in any device but lack any kind of flavour.

Can I add more nicotine shots to increase the strength?

Yes, but there comes a point where adding more shots doesn't raise the strength as much as it initially did. Please be aware, if you have a 50ml shortfill and add one 18mg nicotine shot you can achieve a 3mg, adding another will not take the strength to 6mg. 

How long do I need to wait before I can vape it?

All liquids will taste better after waiting a few days for the liquid to settle, otherwise known as steeping but our shake and vape products have been formulated so that they can be used immediately after shaking.

Are shake and vape products a greener alternative?

Shortfill bottles drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste making its way to the landfill. Couple this with reduced transport costs and the impact of choosing these products is quite substantial compared to exclusively buying liquid in 10ml bottles.