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eGo and EVOD batteries

Why choose these batteries?

These batteries are the most common used battery currently on the market and is what most people use first when deciding to vape.

The main reasons people choose these batteries:

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Universal fitting means they will fit most atomizers on the market
  • An inexpensive backup in case they run out of power and can't charge

What is the difference between eGo and EVOD?

This is simply a difference in the design of the battery, which is purely cosmetic and does not change how the devices work. 

eGo batteries have a power button that protrudes from the battery whereas the EVOD batteries' power button is flush with the battery casing.

eGo Battery  EVOD Battery
An eGo style battery An EVOD style battery

Common features of eGo and EVOD:

  • USB charged
  • Fixed voltage between 3.8 - 4.2 volts
  • Single power button design
  • Power cut-off if button is pressed for too long
  • Repeated button presses puts the device into standby
  • Different capacities to suit the customer

USB Charged

 USB Charger

These batteries are charged by a USB charger that will draw power from any USB socket it is plugged into. Batteries are screwed into the end of the charger then plugged into an adapter or a free USB socket. The charger has a light to indicate when charging is complete and has a safety features such as over charge protection.