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Handfuls�of red berries foraged from from the forest frozen in�menthol but with a subtle black jack twist make this easily an all�day vape.�

(Fruits of the Forest, Menthol, Aniseed)

MoMo have�released a new�range of liquid that not only�is bursting with flavour but is very affordable! Mr Wicks not only provides the premium vape flavour that people expect but at a price that will make you scream for more.

Information regarding adding Nicotine shots can be found below. If you require to purchase any of our shots; simply click on the desired strength to be taken to the relevant page, from there you can add them to your�basket.

�Shortfill Bottle Size Desired Strength Nicotine Shot Required Finished Amount
50ml 1.5mg 9mg Nico Shot 60ml
50ml 3mg 18mg Nico Shot 60ml


This product is a shortfill bottle which is used by customers to make their own�shake and vape liquid.

More information on shake and vape products and how they work can be found here.

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