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Posted by Graham Park on

Valhallan Vapour
Valhallan Vapur hails from Lincolnshire, this company's view that premium e-liquid shouldn't cost premium prices caught our attention from the get go. This range of juice is only available in high VG and has a range of flavours that covers all the bases. With gorgeous stone fruits, honey, rum and a lovely twist on the ever popular menthol.
Come down to the store and try this great new range for free!
 Blood Eagle by Valhallan Vapour Blood Eagle is a fruit based liquid composed of berries, exotic fruits and a twist of menthol. Truly delightful and very refreshing, it is a tantalising blend and belongs in all electronic cigarettes!
Fruits of Yggorasil by Valhallan Vapour Fruits of Yggdrasil is a glorious blend of various fruits including pineapple, coconut and passionfruit. A truly mesmerising juice with multiple sweet notes, supplied in max VG.
God Mead by Valhallan Vapour Honey blended with fruits for a timely beverage, favoured by Norsemen of old! Spicy yet sweet, this liquid has something for everyone. 
Jotuns Wrath by Valhallan Vapour A fierce menthol blend with blueberry and lemon. Not for the faint hearted, this juice is best suited for the big menthol lovers who need that kick it provides!  
Lokis Revenge by Valhallan Vapour

Loki's Revenge is a fruit blend consisting of Guava and Mango, deliciously sweet and tangy, this is another ADV!

Odins Spear by Valhallan Vapour The All Father's choice! A deliciously sweet blend of honey and butterscotch with hints of caramel on the exhale. Smooth and sweet, this elixir is worthy of the gods, and surely of you!
Ragnorak by Valhallan Vapour Incredibly smooth and sweet, a rich vanilla custard juice with an element of cookies in the background. If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you!
The Bifrost by Valhallan Vapour The Bifrost is a delicious fruity blend, including black current, double apple and menthol. Being both sweet and tangy, this is a delicate juice with multiple notes that come through on the exhale. Supplied in Max VG for maximum vapour. 
Verdani by Valhallan Vapour Verdandi is a powerful yet sweet liquid comprising aniseed, lime and a twist of rum. This vape provides a satisfying throat hit and a smooth draw. Supplied in Max VG at 30ml. 

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