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Posted by Graham Park on

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These gourmet e-liquids come from the USA and are some of the most highly rated e-liquids available anywhere in the world. Suicide Bunny are experts at creating complex flavour combinations which are both innovative and delicious. Like any good restaurant they have kept their menu limited and concentrate on ensuring that they produce the highest quality, most interesting and flavoursome juices possible - and they’ve got it spot on!
Derailed by Suicide Bunny I'm Scottish, I’ve never heard of a Snickerdoodle Cookie before, but if this is what they taste like I am ordering a truck load right away.  It's a beautiful butter cookie flavour that cuddles your taste buds on the inhale and culminates with a delicious cinnamon taste on the exhale with subtle notes of banana.  Sensational!  
Madrina by Suicide Bunny Madrina is the Spanish word for Godmother but also means 'Protectress' - and although doesn’t describe the exact flavour, it does describe how it makes you feel.  It is a deliciously comforting e-liquid which combines sweet juicy melon with a light creamy aftertaste. Perfectly balanced and a delight to vape.
Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny The signature flavour of Suicide Bunny, Mother's Milk is a complex blend of mouthwatering flavours.  The initial flavour is a beautifully creamy custard which then develops into a sweet strawberry flavour on the exhale. It is widely regarded as an excellent all day vape, and we totally agree.
Original Bunny by Suicide Bunny The Original Bunny is another multifaceted taste sensation from Suicide Bunny.  It is the epitome of dessert flavour.  Some find the predominant taste to be a sweet cream, others find it very cakey, but everyone agrees it's flippin' scrumptious!
Suckerpunch by Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch: verb; Hit with an unexpected punch or blow. That sums up this e-juice in a nutshell. Not your everyday fruity mix, this e-liquid has a lovely creamy base with punctuated notes of an array of fruits hiding behind every corner. It's complex, it's delicious, it's surprising - it's a must try!

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