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Posted by Graham Park on

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Kings Crown is a high VG e-liquid with a minimum of 70% VG or above for each tincture, so it goes without saying that vapour production is immense!  They are a genuine gourmet range of e-liquid with complex and multifaceted layers, combining classic flavours with a few majestic twists to royally tantalise your taste buds.  
Bound by the Crown  Described by the makers as a twist on traditional fruit flavours with a perfect balance of sweet custard, spice, and ripened stone fruits, Bound by The Crown combines fruit & dessert flavours superbly and is fast becoming a very popular all day vape across the pond.  Producing huge clouds of vapour and outstanding flavour, it won’t be long until you’re bound by the crown too.
Claim your Throne One for the sweet toothed, Claim Your Throne is a perfect blend of sweet creams, butterscotch and brown sugar.  If you are a fan of a sweet, rich butterscotch then you will absolutely love this juice.   Like a werther’s original turned up to 11 with delicious undertones of cream and the distinctive hit of brown sugar, this e-liquid is veritable hug in a bottle.
Fight your Fate There’s an old saying which says ‘if fate hands you lemons, make lemonade’. But when fate handed Kings Crown lemons they chopped off fate’s hands and told him not to come back without a bag of strawberries. The lemons and the strawberries were then combined to create this extraordinarily refreshing ADV - a zingy strawberry lemonade which makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Oh and the vapour production is simply fantastic.
The King If awesome was a flavour then this is what it would taste like.  The King is an innovative and complex e-liquid with several different layers which combine to produce an e-liquid of immense flavour proportions!  The makers aren’t saying what the flavour profile is, but we can tell you that, to us at least, it tastes like a peanut butter sugar cookie with a creamy hint of….. we’ll let you guess the last part.

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