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Posted by Graham Park on

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Abiding in sunny Orange Country in California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust have been created from long-forgotten recipes found in an old, old diary from 1923 (allegedly). With all of their e-liquids at 60% VG and above, Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquids are a very smooth vape, with some tasty and unique flavours to boot.
 Dream Cream Charlie’s Dream Cream is a delectable blend of rich vanilla cream topped with notes of full-bodied fudge, along with delicate hints of cinnamon to finish.
Head Banging Boogie Featuring a tropical blueberry popsicle theme, Head Bangin’ Boogie from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a cool and icy vape that won’t give you brain freeze.
Peanut Butter & Jesus Charlie’s spiritual take on the traditional blend of peanut butter and jam, Peanut Butter and Jesus is a classic flavour vape that’s name pretty much says it all!
Slamberry Charlie’s Slam Berry is a respectable take on the time-honoured classic strawberry ice-cream. The rich, creamy undertones compliment the fruity strawberries excellently, and the balance between the flavour notes has been carefully considered to create an excellent tasting vape.
True Berry Sugar & Knife Trueberry Sugar and Knife is a wholly unique blend of Pineapple upside-down pancake that’s been lathered in a gorgeous blackberry maple drizzle. Definitely one for the dessert fiends.

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